Class Readings


Week 2

Adcock Reading

Hall and Taylor Reading

Katznelson and Weingast Reading

Nee Reading

Week 3

Diermeier and Krehbiel Reading

Shepsle Reading

Weingast and Marshall Reading

Riker Reading

Moe Reading


Week 4

Acemoglu and Robinson Reading

DeSoto Reading

Greif and Laitin Reading

North Reading

Sokoloff and Engerman Reading

Week 5

Farrell and Knight Reading

Levi Reading

Miller Reading

Week 6

Hall Reading

Katznelson reading

Scott reading

Steinmo and Thelen reading

Tilly reading


Week 7

Crouch and Farrell Reading

Hall and Soskice Reading

Pierson Reading

Schneiberg Reading

Mahoney Reading


Week 8

Hacker Reading

Pierson Reading

Skocpol Reading


Week 9

Lewis Reading

March and Olsen Reading

McNamara Reading

Olsen Reading

Schimmelfennig Reading


Week 10

Swedberg Reading

Dobbin Reading

Fligstein Reading

Mizruchi Reading


Week 11

Berman Reading

Blyth Reading

Culpepper Reading

Hall Reading


Week 12

Allio et al. Reading

Appel Reading

Bunce Reading

Shleifer and Vishny Reading


Week 13

Barnett and Finnemore Reading

Carpenter Reading

Epstein and O'Halloran Reading

McCubbins and Schwarz Reading


Huber and Shipan Reading


Week 14

Farrell Reading

Field Reading

Wantchekon Reading