Resources for PhD. And Advanced Undergraduate Students


        On Finding a Research Topic

        Tips on Finding a Dissertation Topic (by Chao Wei)

         How to Build an Economic Model in your Spare Time (by Hal Varian)


         On Writing

        Writing Tips for Ph.D. Students and Undergraduate Students (by John Cochrane)

         Books that help with your Writing:

         The Elements of Style,” by Strunk Jr. William and E.B. White, 4th edition, 2000. (Strongly Recommend)

         Edit Yourself: A Manual for Everyone Who Works with Words,” by Bruce Ross-Larson, 1996.


         On Accessing Standard Data Sources

         How to Access Standard Data Sources? (by Olivetti, Silverman, and Hong)


         On Presentation and Discussion

         How to Give an Effective Presentation

         Tips on How to Avoid Disasters in Presentations (by Monika Piazzesi)

         Presentation Tips (by Tim Kehoe)

         Tips for Being a Discussant


On Career as an Economist

The Young Economist’s Guide to Professional Etiquette (by Daniel Hamermesh)

         Managing Your Career as an Economist after Tenure (by Robert Hall)