Do you want a wealth of career choices?

  Do you know how many career options open up for you if you major in mathematics,
  or complement another field with a second major or a minor in mathematics?
 Teaching and academic research, actuarial work, financial analysis, risk analysis, and
  software engineering are only among the most obvious of the rich array of interesting,
  challenging, and rewarding mathematics-related careers.

How should mass transportation be scheduled, with enough stops to meet riders'
needs while also allowing them to quickly reach their destinations?  How should huge
databases, such as those used in the human genome project, be designed so that they
can be searched quickly?  What is the optimal shape for high-altitude balloons, such
as those NASA uses in research on the upper atmosphere?  Mathematics is key to the
solutions of these and a myriad of other problems. Additional examples of the
application of mathematics can be found at

Just as mathematical careers are very diverse, so too are the people in these careers,
with men and women from all ethnic backgrounds contributing to this field.

Mathematics is unrivaled in promoting mental agility and analytic skills.  This makes
mathematics majors and minors highly sought out by a wide range of employers as
well as by professional schools such as law and medicine.

Check out these web sites, where you can get much more information, including
examples of recent graduates in mathematics who have started their careers using their major.

Interested?  Please talk to your professor and follow up with either of the
undergraduate mathematics advisors listed below.

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