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Wadi Araba

The Dead Sea

Aqaba, Jordan/Eilat, Israel (the southern Araba)

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Welcome to the WAARP Explorer. This page is one of the more ambitious components of the Wadi Araba Archaeological Research Project's website. In order to situate Wadi Araba in the regional landscape and to understand the valley not as an isolated landform but as an integrative feature, the WAARP Explorer intends to provide a venue for the discovery and exploration of sites of regional archaeological significance.  In other words, the WAARP Explorer intends to provide a friendly and unique way of exploring the cultural environment of Israel and Jordan, particularly in relation to the Gulf of Aqaba in the south, the Dead Sea in the north, and Wadi Araba in between.  The Explorer, however, is still in a development stage, so please check back at regular intervals.  Meanwhile, enjoy your visit to Wadi Araba via Google Earth (note: you must have Google Earth installed on your system).

If you have suggestions of sites to include in the Explorer (with relevant online information), or if you have comments regarding the makeup of the Explorer, please feel free to contact me at


Andrew M. Smith II, Ph.D., Director

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