Andrew M. Smith II
specializes in the social and cultural history of the Greek and Roman Near East, in particular the interactions between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples in urban and rural settings. His current research concentrates in Syria, where he is examining social transformations and urban development at the oasis city of Palmyra during the Roman period. Dr. Smith is also an active field archaeologist, having worked on surveys and excavations in Greece, Austria, Israel, and Jordan, where he has worked since 1989. Currently, he directs the excavations and survey of the Roman fort at Bir Madhkur (as part of his larger Bir Madhkur Project), a site that also served as the first major caravan stop west of Petra on the ancient Spice Route. The Bir Madhkur Project itself is an extension of Dr. Smith’s Wadi Araba Archaeological Research Project (, which began in 1996, the goal of which is to synthesize current knowledge of the Araba’s physical and cultural landscape in both Israel and southern Jordan and to expand upon this knowledge by supporting further archaeological research in the Araba valley. The author of several articles, Dr. Smith is currently writing a monograph about his work in Syria.

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Bir Madhkur Project
Wadi Araba Project