New Curriculum Guide

                          Changes in Journalism Courses and Requirements


    Who:  New majors accepted and minors declared during 2000-2001 and subsequent years will follow the new journalism curriculum rules. Majors and minors who were selected or declared in the 1999-2000 academic year or earlier can opt for the old or new curriculum.

    What: Many courses have new names and numbers, and some new courses have been created. A few courses have been dropped or moved. One new course is required for the major and courses are regrouped. Applicants for the major face fewer prerequisites.

    Where: New course names and numbers can be found in the  undergraduate bulletin, which also contains the new requirements for the major and minor.

    When: The new course numbers, titles and descriptions took effect in Spring 2000.  Changes in the requirements take effect for majors accepted and minors declared starting in the Fall 2000 semester

    How: The journalism curriculum was revised by the journalism faculty in Fall 1998; approved by the SMPA faculty in Spring 1999 and approved by the curriculum committee of CCAS in the summer of 1999. The curriculum was amended again in fall 2000 to provide for the direct admission of freshmen, starting in fall 2001.

    Why: To streamline the process to become a journalism major; to modernize the courses to serve a changing profession; to add logic to the course numbers and names; to raise standards, and to give students more choices.

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Updated  6/21/01