My Favorite Photos



Waterfall Hawaii December 2005     Big Island of Hawaii at the foot of a

                                                          Lava Field December 2005



Big Island of Hawaii at the foot of a                    Live Lava From Hawaii

Lava Field, Black Beach December 2005       December 2005




Maui                                                 Maui Sunset and Whale Jump

December 2005                               December 2005




Whale Tail                                       Sun Set on Maui

Maui December 2005                     Maui December 2005




Sun Rise Haleakala Crater             Maui, December 2005

10,233 Feet, Maui                         




Colorado River                               Grand Canyon

July 2005                                         July 2005




Hoover Dam                                    Grand Canyon by air

July 2005                                         July 2005