Srividya Jandhyala

Assistant Professor of International Business and International Affairs

George Washington University

2201 G Street NW, Funger Hall 401

Washington, DC 20052


Srividya Jandhyala’s research is driven by the confluence of politics and markets. She examines how institutions and government policies (or the lack of them) influence international investment strategy. She is also interested in how governments create an institutional environment to sustain economic activity.

Srividya’s research addresses issues surrounding international property rights in the technology, petrochemical, and other sectors. She has presented her research at several  international conferences in International Business, Management and Political Science. Her work has been recognized by the Academy of International Business and the Academy of Management.


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De Facto Property Rights Protection and Impact on MNC Location Choices

             Best Paper Proceedings, Academy of Management (International Management), 2008


Three Waves of BITs: The Global Diffusion of Foreign Investment Policy (with Witold Henisz and Edward Mansfied)

             (2011). Journal of Conflict Resolution, 55(6) 1047-1073


             The line: BITs were about property rights protection - at first. Then, they became a fashion statement,              before their legal liabilities started surfacing. 

             An earlier draft version is available as a pdf file


Property Rights and International Investment in Information Technology Services

             Forthcoming, Strategic Management Journal


             The line: Traditional property rights protection influences the location choice of modern Information              Technology services, much like their more traditional manufacturing counterparts. 


Institutions sans Frontières: International Agreements and Foreign Investment (with Robert Weiner)
Finalist, “That’s Interesting!” Award, Academy of International Business, 2012
The line: International Investment Agreements (IIAs) increase investor willingness to pay for foreign              petroleum assets— an effect moderated by a firm’s financial resources and state ownership.

Inter-Governmental Organizations and Innovation (with Anu Phene)
The line: Membership in IGOs is associated with an increase in a country’s patenting.

Effectiveness of International Anti-Corruption Regulations: A Simulation Model
The line: International anti-corruption regulations pose a burden on a firm’s competitiveness when              competitors are not similarly governed.

International Dynamics of Intellectual Property Protection
The line: Political will for IP protection can come from outside the country.