Microscopy Workshop

Before we begin our journey into Microscopy, please be sure to read some of the following reference materials in preparation for the workshop.

Beginnerís Guide (JCB 2006)

Introduction to Microscopy

Beyond the basics (20Mb)

Course Outline



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sdgill@gwu.edu, 202 995 7320, group website:  Lab

Important Dates:

Thank you for all who attended.The workshop showed an across the board interest in learning the instrument.

Please take a moment and write your thoughts on the workshop:survey.

Lecture notes(6/17/08), Lecture notes(6/24/08), Lecture notes (6/26/08)

Lecture notes (7/08/08), Lecture notes (7/10/08).

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We thank the National Science Foundation for its financial support as part of the REU program, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics and Biomaterials (NSF #0649165).