Susan D. Gillmor
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry

George Washington

725 21st St, NW
Samson Hall 314
202 994 7320 (phone)

202 994 5873 (fax)

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Chem 110—Introduction to Physical Chemistry

This is a one semester course with an emphasis on biological and biophysical systems.  (Fall)


Chem 113—Physical Chemistry Laboratory

For this class, we tour thermodynamics, kinetics and quantum chemistry in the various experiments throughout the semester. (Spring)


Chem 1111—Introduction to Chemistry

Atomic structure and properties; stoichiometry; gas, liquid, and solid state; chemical bonding; solutions; chemical kinetics and equilibria; thermodynamics; acids and bases; electrochemistry; descriptive chemistry. Prerequisite to Chem 11: one year of high school algebra.  Prerequisite to Chem 12: Chem 11.


Research areas:


Biomaterial and Biophysics:

Thousands of different lipids and proteins form cell membranes. Cell function and location in tissue and organs influence  membrane composition of these components. The lipid bilayer structure, by itself, has distinct properties, like fluidity and phase.  Both lipid composition and its phase play important roles in the bilayer.  My lab explores these relationship of the cell membrane and lipids.