The Human Body Systems

            The Respiratory System Experiments

Let’s make a lung!!
You need an adult's help and supervision
With this experiment you will understand better how the movement of the diaphragm helps the air in and out of our lungs.

What you need:

One liter plastic bottle (empty!)
Strong tape (duct tape, masking tape)
Sewing thread
A large balloon (10 inches)
One strong straw or any small tube
A piece of latex or rubber glove (a plastic shopping bag works too)
Scissors (Please let an adult handle it! )

What to do:

1. ATTENTION: This is the step where you need an adult's help!!

Cut the bottom out of the plastic bottle.

2. Attach a balloon to a piece of tubing using the sewing thread wrapping it several times around. Make sure it's very tight at the neck of the balloon.

3. Insert the balloon into the bottle and pull the lips of the balloon back over the neck of the bottle. It will be tight but secure it even more with the thread.

4. Cut a piece of the latex glove big enough to cover the cut end of the bottle when stretched.

5. Secure the latex over the cut end of the bottle as tightly as possible using the masking tape (as tight as a drum head!)

Good Job!


1. Gently pull down the latex at the bottom of the bottle, do you see how the balloon inflates while you pull?
2. Now push up the latex, do you see how the balloon deflate?

Guess what?
The latex is doing the same job as the Diaphragm!!

Now hold the top of the bottle very close to your cheek. Do you feel a little air moving in or out of the model lung?

Guess what?

The tube is doing the same job of the Trachea!!

Can you guess what the balloon represents?

             The Lungs!!

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