The Human Body Systems

    The Digestive System Experiments



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Experiment # 1:

Let's Make a Stomach!!

Here is what you will need:

One ziploc bag
A couple of crackers or a piece of bread
One cup of orange juice

Here is what you will do:

The bag is going to be your stomach! 

First break the crackers or the bread into pieces and drop them into the bag. Your hands will be acting like the mouth that breaks the food into little pieces.

Second, pour a little orange juice into the bag to act as the "digestive juices" in your stomach.

Observe what happen to the crackers or bread. Is it getting soft?

Now squeeze the bag for one minute. Your hands are now acting like the stomach walls that squeeze the food you eat.

What happens to the crackers or bread? Are they liquid now? That means that the stomach's job has finished and the food is ready to be sent to the instestines where the water and nutrients will be absorbed.

                GOOD JOB!!

Experiment #2:

Let's Make a Small Intestine

Here is what you will need:

A panty hose
Two cups of cook instant oatmeal (ask an adult to get you some)
A pair of scissors
Newspapers or plastic to cover the table or floor

Here is what you will do:

PLEASE ask an adult to help you in this first step. Cut one leg of the panty hose. Then cut the other end so it has an opening in both ends. This is going to be your small intestine!!!

Second, lay the newspaper or plastic around the area where you are going to work. This is going to be messy.

Third, pour the oatmeal into one end of the panty hose.

Now, start squeezing the oatmeal from one end to the other. Your hands are now acting like the walls of the small intestine. The water coming out of the porous hose is like the nutrients that your intestine take out of the food you eat. The solid part that remains in the panty hose is what is sent to the large intestine.

                 Now it's time to clean up!