Gabriel J. Michael


I am a fifth (and final!) year doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science at The George Washington University. My major field is international relations, and my minor field is public policy.

My primary research interests include the politics of intellectual property, Internet and technology policy, policy diffusion, and cybersecurity.

My dissertation compares theories of policy diffusion using a multi-method approach in an attempt to understand the cross-national spread of intellectual property law. Specifically, I examine the spread of pharmaceutical data exclusivity laws, traditional knowledge laws, and fair use limitations and exceptions to copyright using survival regression, interviews, and documents.

Ever since being introduced to it in late 2010, I have been a big fan of using R, LaTeX, and Sweave together to create reproducible research. This is the approach I take in my dissertation.

This is my academic web page, where you can find more information about me, as well as links to and information about publications, current research, and other resources.


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