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Academic Positions

Assistant Professor of Political Science, 2012-present

George Washington University


Assistant Professor of Government, 2010-2012

School of Public Affairs, American University


Assistant Professor of Political Science, 2006-2010

Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University



Ph.D. in Government, University of Texas at Austin, 2006


M.A. in Government, University of Texas at Austin, 2004


Bachelor of Journalism, University of Texas at Austin, 1998



2013. Influence from Abroad: Foreign Voices, the Media, and U.S. Public Opinion. New York: Cambridge University Press. (with Matt Guardino)


Refereed Journal Articles

2012. “The Intersection of Redistricting, Race, and Participation.” American Journal of Political Science 56(1): 115-130. (with Seth C. McKee)


2011. “The Influence of Foreign Voices on U.S. Public Opinion.” American Journal of Political Science 55(4): 830-850. (with Matt Guardino)


2011. “When Gender and Party Collide: Stereotyping in Candidate Trait Attribution.” Politics & Gender 7(2): 133-165.


2010. “Trait Voting in U.S. Senate Elections.” American Politics Research 38(6): 1102-1129.


2010. “The Dynamics of Agenda Convergence and the Paradox of Competitiveness in Presidential Campaigns.” Political Research Quarterly 63(3): 594-611.


2010. “Whose Views Made the News? Media Coverage and the March to War in Iraq.” Political Communication 27(1): 59-87. (with Matt Guardino)


2010. “A Matter of Distinction: Candidate Polarization and Information Processing in Election Campaigns.” American Politics Research 38(1): 165-192. (with Mathieu Turgeon)


2009. “The Participatory Effects of Redistricting.” American Journal of Political Science 53(4): 1006-1023. (with Seth C. McKee)


2009. “Has Television Personalized Voting Behavior?” Political Behavior 31(2): 231-260.


2009. “Dixie’s Kingmakers: Stability and Change in Southern Presidential Primary Electorates.” Presidential Studies Quarterly 39(2): 400-417. (with Seth C. McKee)


2008. “Party Reputations, Journalistic Expectations: How Issue Ownership Influences Election News.” Political Communication 25(4): 377-400.


2008. “Does the Messenger Matter? Candidate-Media Agenda Convergence and Its Effect on Voter Issue Salience.” Political Research Quarterly 61(1): 134-146.


2008. “Toward a One-Party South?” American Politics Research 36(1): 3-32. (with Seth C. McKee)

            --Reprinted in Princeton Readings in American Politics, Richard M. Valelly, ed. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2009, pp. 519-541.


2005. “Candidate Qualities through a Partisan Lens: A Theory of Trait Ownership.” American Journal of Political Science 49(4): 908-923.


2005. “Voter Turnout in the California Recall: Where Did the Increase Come from?”  American Politics Research 33(2): 187-215. (with Brian K. Arbour)


2004. “Booting Barnes: Explaining the Historic Upset in the 2002 Georgia Gubernatorial Election.” Politics & Policy 32(4): 708-739. (with Seth C. McKee)


2004. “Accentuating the Personal: Media Exposure, Political Sophistication, and Evaluations of Presidential Candidate Traits.” LBJ Journal of Public Affairs 16(2): 86-97.


Chapters in Edited Volumes

2014. “Differences of Degree: Issue Agendas in a Polarized Media Environment.” In James A. Thurber and Candice J. Nelson (eds.), Campaigns and Elections American Style, 4th Edition, pp. 123-144. Boulder, CO: Westview Press.


2013. “The News Anew? Political Coverage in a Transformed Media Age.” In Travis N. Ridout (ed.), New Directions in Media and Politics, pp. 193-209. New York: Routledge.


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2010. “The Transformation of Southern Presidential Primaries.” In Branwell D. Kapeluck, Laurence W. Moreland, and Robert P. Steed (eds.), Presidential Elections in the South: Putting 2008 in Political Context, pp. 39-69. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers. (with Seth C. McKee)


Work in Progress

“A Non-Gendered Lens: The Absence of Stereotyping in Contemporary Congressional Elections” (with Jennifer L. Lawless). Under review.


“Alternative Cue-Givers and the Limits of Partisan Influence: U.S. Public Opinion about Military Action against Iran” (with Matt Guardino).


“How Uncompetitive Elections and Media Consolidation Impoverish the News and Imperil Democracy” (with Jennifer L. Lawless).


“Media Frames and the Immigration Debate”


“Who Cares What They Wear? Media, Gender, and the Influence of Candidate Appearance.” (with Jennifer L. Lawless)